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Inside Luxury is the first and only professional podcast dedicated to the global luxury industry.

In our monthly episodes, we take listeners behind the news making headlines in the alluring yet mysterious world of affluent consumers and luxury brands. We talk to industry experts, get up close and personal with its leaders, debate key issues and challenge the status quo.

The fast-paced format opens with View from the Hill, a light-hearted review of the month’s news in conversation with a luxury insider. The Chamber, our main feature, follows where we’ll be tackling the main topics de jour in a radio debate format featuring a stellar line-up of invited guest experts. In Leaders on Luxury, a personal profile, Piers Schmidt interviews industry leaders to find out what luxury means to them and what role it plays in their personal lives. Showcase points an audio spotlight on innovative, up and coming luxury brands – definitely ones to watch. Inside Luxury concludes on EndNote, a ‘Thought for the Day’ style monologue from the wry pen of shrewd luxury commentator Craig Allen.

Inside Luxury has been created and is hosted by Piers Schmidt, a renowned luxury consultant with a career in branding that spans 25 years. Piers’ expertise and consulting experience are complemented by an equally strong reputation as a writer and commentator on business and brands. Piers’ opinions on the luxury market and hospitality have been reported extensively in leading international media, including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Forbes, Fast Company and He is an official blogger at and has also appeared frequently as a guest on global broadcast media including BBC, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Channel 4, Sky News and Monocle 24. Piers Schmidt is also a sought-after and popular presenter on international conference platforms.

Please join us in the audience and feel free to contact Zoe Green on the email address below with any ideas or contributions you’d like us to consider for future episodes.

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